About Me

Currently I am enrolled in a Degree Apprenticeship scheme with Thales and MMU. This means I attend University on a Monday to work towards my degree while gaining real workplace experience for the remaining 4 days of the working week. My interest in coding came from editing Minecraft mods to make custom bosses on my Minecraft server. This led to me discovering Java and my love for programming.

Work Experience

I have been studying Computer Science since GCSE level, and have used many different languages and tools during this time. I have experience in both Python and Java programming languages at enterprise level. The majority of my work with Java has been creating Spring Boot applications, while my experience in Python is generally focused on data analytics. I have also studied electronics for over 4 years, so I am competent in creating electronic systems too. I am also a Linux enthusiast, many a time will I find myself opening putty and SSHing into my server to complete various fun projects to work on in my own time. Some of these have included creating a VPN server, Apache web host, Jenkins automatic deployment server, Gerrit Server (Google's Spin Off GitHub) and more. Feel free to contact me for further information about my experience if you would like to find out more.

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